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Black wire cloth

Material: Selecting superior low carbon steel wire.
Weaving: Plain weave or twill weave, Can be punched into various filtering wire mesh discs.
Application: Be utilized on filtration in the industries of rubber, plastic, oil, chemistry.

mesh wire dia. (mm) mesh wire dia. (mm)
8mesh wire dia.0.71mm 50mesh wire dia.0.20mm
12mesh wire dia.0.60mm 60mesh wire dia.0.17mm
17mesh wire dia.0.47mm 70mesh wire dia.0.14mm
18mesh wire dia.0.40mm 80mesh wire dia.0.14mm
24mesh wire dia.0.35mm 14mesh×88mesh 0.50mm×0.35mm
30mesh wire dia.0.30mm 24mesh×110mesh 0.36mm×0.25mm
40mesh wire dia.0.22mm 40mesh×200mesh 0.18mm×0.13mm

width: 0.6m-1.5m


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